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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

                                                           —Roger Caras (photographer and writer)






Welcome to My Bella Labradoodles. Here at My Bella Labradoodles we breed for the love of the Labradoodle.  They are highly intelligent dogs and learn very quickly. Combining their intelligence, friendliness, loyalty and allergy free non-shedding coat makes the Labradoodle an amazing family pet. Then you add their beauty.  Labradoodles come in many sizes, colors and textures.  We have carefully chosen our Labradoodles for our breeding program. What we look for in a labradoodle whether it be for our family pet or to enter our breeding program is temperament and health, then we consider coat, size and color. We also look further into our Labradoodles bloodlines for health and temperament.


All of our labradoodle puppies are raised in our home with our family. They are socialized with from day one. During Pregnancy all of our dames are monitored by a veterinarian closely with ultra sounds and routine visits to guarantee a safe and healthy birth and litter. We do not breed multiple litters at a time so that we may give the puppies our undivided attention and care. Our goal is produce a beautiful happy and healthy puppy for your family while preserving the Labradoodle breed.


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